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“They keep surprising us – in a good way! They always deliver within challenging timeframes and on budget, but still manage to connect to our customers.”

Global Director of Customer Advocacy, Telecoms Company

Aesthetics is one thing, being effective is quite another...

Whether you need a direct marketing piece, a microsite, literature, an app, a presentation or a social media post. That’s why our team design collateral, content and communication that not only looks good but is effective too. In a world where design has many definitions, perhaps the most appropriate definition of design in the comms world is: design is a deliberate act with a pre-set intention.

Of course Picasso put it a little more interestingly when he said:

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not?”

So, what about our design philosophy? It’s quite simple; we’re here to help you tell your story, understand and capture your personality and thereafter your audience’s attention.

FCM-I Design
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